Haliex the Sin-Eater

Demon Lord who destroyed Vesta.



Haliex the Sin-Eater is the Demon Lord responsible for the destruction of Vesta, as well as other worlds. He commands a massive army of demons and other servants of darkness, who worship him as a nascent deity as he spreads fear across the cosmos.

Years ago, the paladin Julius Davenoak and his heroic party battled a demon cult which threatened to overrun Aglarond with darkness and evil. Though the cult was destroyed, some dark clerics survived. As revenge they hunted down a friend of the party and sacrificed him to the Mother of Monsters.

The adventurers had just finished defeating demonic servants active in the region, and before that had battled the forces of a fey queen that brought an unnatural winter upon the Yuirwood. Though tired from their trials, Julius vowed not to leave the soul of an innocent in the clutches of monsters. His allies followed him to the Rock of Bral where they gained access to an interplanar portal. Their journey eventually took them to the Abyss, where they learned that their sacrificed friend had caught the eye of Lamashtu herself and suffered directly under her hand for a time.

Little was left of him when they found him, yet amongst all of the monsters and abominations in the festering pit of Lamashtu, there was a simple baby. Fathered by the adventurers’ friend, this child was a miracle to have emerged from the deepest pit of evil and chaos. While the party debated destroying the creature, none could bring themselves to slay a baby. The escape from the Abyss was an epic trial, and in the end Julius himself held off the Demon Goddess.

Upon his return to the material plane, Julius retired and the party was disbanded. He was left with a child of demonic blood, yet saw also that it had potential for good. To defy fate itself, Julius chose to raise the child alongside his son, Marcus. This child became known as Haliex.

Haliex did not display outward signs of being good or evil. He was an enigma, even to the eyes of a paladin. Yet he did not show power any greater than that of a mortal child, and for this Julius believed that Haliex would instead grow up harmless. It would not be the case. At twenty years of age, Haliex tempted Marcus to turn away from the path of light and follow him into the Abyss. Haliex revealed then the abilities of a demigod. Marcus took the name Isseon, and together they set out to conquer the realm of evil.

While Haliex was only born fifty years ago according to the passage of time on the material plane, Marcus and him spent thousands of years rising to power in the Abyss. Originally a demigod of no small power or intelligence, upon conquering a layer of the foul plane Haliex became a Demon Lord as well, and has conquered many other layers since. More recently he has turned his attention toward the material plane, sending his forces to consume entire planets.

No single vice or worship fuels Haliex’s power. Instead, he draws upon sin of all forms. Every act of evil or selfishness makes him stronger, and has given him the title “the Sin-Eater”. Haliex has destroyed other Demon Lords and consumed the sin that composed their outsider bodies, adding their power to his own. Yet his greatest strength is that of his birth: of the hundreds of thousands of creatures spawned by Lamashtu, Haliex alone was perfect in body, mind, and spirit.

Haliex wishes to bring the entire Abyss under his control, and uses the pain and suffering of entire worlds in the prime material plane to fuel his campaign. So far he has targeted worlds that were homes to members of Julius’s old adventuring party, but shows no signs of stopping his spread of destruction.

Haliex the Sin-Eater

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