Half-succubus spy who worked as a double agent.



Sol is the daughter of the Succubus Vylistrae, a powerful demon who was one of the first summoned to Vesta. As a child of Vylistrae and the paladin Restair, Sol learned both the value of the light and the pleasures of sins. In this Sol was easy prey for Vylistrae to twist and taint. A powerful pawn Sol was to be, to destroy the virtue and purity of cities, to crush the reliance on the gods, and kill all that stood between Vylistrae and her goals. And for awhile Sol was that, a prized daughter who reveled in the deceits, the killings, the tainting of souls.

This came to a crashing halt when Sol not only witnessed the death of her father, but the transformations of her homeland. Where her friends once played their games now twisted demon-tainted people did the bidding of Vylistrae. Sol couldn’t flee, her mother held her too close and so Sol planned her escape, which came when she was sent to destroy the resistance in the land.

She was to be a spy, a role she played well in the past, and so she infiltrated the resistance. The Resistance were not fools, and they felt Sol held a malevolent spirit, but the desperate Sol lied, cheated, and stole to remain with them. She twisted her information to her home, she kept the Resistance from striking at Vylistrae. And then one day her mother sent one of her generals to bring Sol home. The battle was brutal, and Sol was seriously wounded, but she stood over the broken dying form of Vylistrae’s new Paladin general. The curse he gave her would define her future.

“You will run, you play at being nice, but in the end your blood will call and she will have you once again, she will take all that you have gained. You see all that you cherished twisted and destroyed before you. She will see to it.”

Sol has forgotten the curse, with Vesta gone and the guilt in creating its current state Sol can only live for herself, her desires, and her ambitions. She wants to be free of her mother, but worries that one day she will once again fall to her mother’s sweet temptations. It doesn’t help that she is reckless, and plays too close to those things that will return her to those days of brutal murders, exciting passions, and raw pleasures.


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