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Aeon Force Armor
This technological suit of armor is at the lowest level a skin-tight suit of bio-organic tissue that adheres to the wearer’s flesh. Surrounding the suit is a layer of flexible and resilient polymers and superconducting threads designed to protect from a wide variety of energy attacks. The final layer is nanometal plates that protect the wearer’s upper torso, arms, and legs.

Exomuscular fibers link up with the wearer’s own movements to enhance her actions, increasing her strength and reaction speed. Fitted into the collar of the suit are collapsible goggles that when worn allow vision in areas of darkness or low-light. In addition, there are two folded weapons attached to the suit’s belt that when removed can be powered by the armor to function as small energy swords.

Elven magic has condensed the armor into about a dozen spell matrices that are inserted into the wearer’s bones. At will, the armor can be dematerialized and reabsorbed into these matrices, effectively causing it to vanish. When called forth, magic flowers from the matrices in the wearer’s bones and the armor takes shape, starting from the skin level and expanding outwards. Further, the right arm can be further enhanced with a laser cannon, summoned at the user’s command.

The aeon force armor is bonded to its owner and draws on her life-force to power itself, though in small degrees. When depleted of power, it retains its protective qualities but loses special features until the wearer has had time to rest, allowing the suit to recharge the internal spell matrices as well. For the purpose of armor proficiencies, it is considered to be light armor.

Protective Features
* Applies AC bonus to touch and ranged touch attacks that deal energy damage.
* Grants resist energy 5 against acid, cold, and electricity.
* Provides a +4 enchantment bonus to Strength and Dexterity.
* When the wearer recovers hit points from resting, she also restores an equal amount of charges to the armor.
* Spending one charge restores 2d6 hit points of damage to the armor. This may be done even if the armor has zero hit points remaining.
* Sending the armor back into the spell matrices (removing it) may be done freely in one round. Recalling the armor from the spell matrices (donning it) takes five rounds and consumes ten charges.

Armor Bonus +8
Max Dex Bonus +6
Armor Check Penalty 0
Arcane Spell Failure 15%
Speed 30 ft.
Weight 10 lbs.
Charges 100
Weapon Systems
* Right arm may be transformed into a laser cannon as a free action. The traits of the laser cannon vary depending on whether it is wielded one-handed or two-handed, but always consumes one charge to fire.
* The suit contains two brilliant energy shortswords that may be drawn as normal. Attacking with one of these weapons consumes one to three charges, with each attack gaining an enchantment bonus equal to the number of charges consumed.
* The goggles provide the wearer with low-light vision and darkvision for 60 feet, and do not consume any charges to use.

Laser Cannon Damage Critical Range Special
One-handed 1d8 fire x2 50 semi-automatic, touch
Two-handed 2d6 fire x2 150 automatic, touch
Automatic: When used in two hands, the laser cannon can act as a semi-automatic weapon, or it can fire a burst of shots to attack all creatures in a line. This consumes ten charges. When used, the wielder makes a separate attack roll for each creature in the line. All attack rolls take a -2 penalty, and damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats. Concealment does not affect an automatic weapon’s line attack. When taking a full-attack action with the laser cannon, the wielder may fire as many bursts in a round as she has attacks, provided she has enough charges to do so.

Semi-automatic: When taking a full-attack action with the laser cannon, the wielder may attack twice as if using the Rapid Shot feat (taking a -2 penalty on all attacks). If the wielder has the Rapid Shot feat, it may be used to gain an additional shot as well but increases the penalty for all shots fired to -6. Additional attacks such as from speed enhancing magic (like haste) or a high base attack bonus also take the appropriate penalties.

Touch: Attacks using the laser cannon always resolve as if they were touch attacks, regardless of the range the attack was made at.

Aeon Force Armor

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