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Companion Characters

At time, the party may meet and befriend various people who may become their allies or adventure with them. These characters are known as Companions. Companions may participate in encounters with the party, and have several special rules governing them.

Hit Points and Proficiency: A Companion’s maximum hit points and proficiency bonus depend on the level of the party. For hit points, Companions gain a set amount each time the party levels up. For proficiency, they use the same bonus as the party (accounted for in their stats).

Companions and Leaders: Companions are linked to a player character, called their Leader. A Companion takes their action on their Leader’s turn, but their ability to attack and cast spells are limited by their Leader’s action.

Companion Actions: When a Leader takes the Attack action, they may give up one of their attacks to allow their Companion to make one attack or cast a spell. In addition, when the Leader takes the Cast a Spell action, the Companion may make one attack or cast a cantrip.

Companion Spellcasting: A Leader and Companion may not both take the Cast a Spell action on their turn. This restriction doesn’t apply to cantrips or spells cast as a reaction.

Companion List
Aric Young heir to Bral’s throne and Ophelia’s husband.
Artemis Young paladin who serves the House of the Just.
Cidney Ophelia’s halfling nursemaid.
Gilda Lampad from the Faengard infatuated with Aldrin.
Lalelia Elven collector and trader from Yuireshan
Yril Kind-hearted xenoterminator magus.

Other Companions
Mithica Rebellious daughter of Haliex the Sin-Eater.
Marcus Holy paladin who exists inside Nightmare Vesta.
Notre Sang Creepy necromancer with a crush on Shane.
Berit A veteran Xenoterminator barbarian.
Passionate Crane Xenoterminator specializing in fire magic.


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