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General Rules

* Material from a book in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game will be allowed. Material from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Pathfinder Chronicles, Pathfinder Player Companions, or a Pathfinder Adventure Path will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
* There are additional archetypes in play, listed here: Archetypes

Hero Points

* Fires of Vesta uses the rules for Hero Points presented in the Advanced Player’s Guide, with a few changes.
* The Cheat Death effect only requires 1 Hero Point to use. This is to prevent players from having to hoard Hero Points at all times and to compensate for the resurrection changes.
* When a character levels up, the player may choose to either gain 1 Hero Point or to gain the maximum HP allowed by their HD instead of what they rolled.


* Beings may only ever be brought back from the dead once regardless of what magic is used to do so.
* This doesn’t include spells like breath of life or other magic that brings the character back to life immediately or within 1 round as the soul doesn’t have time to leave the body.

Defense Bonus

* Characters with class levels gain a defense bonus to their AC while not wearing armor. The bonus is dependent on character level and class.
* Creatures with only racial hit dice or NPC class levels do not receive a defense bonus.
* The bonuses are listed on this page: Defense Bonus


* Troops are immune to single-target spells and multi-target spells that specify a specific number of targets. In addition, a troop cannot take more than 25% of its maximum hit points in damage from a single attack. Troops do not take precision damage, such as from critical hits or sneak attacks, unless the attack can affect the whole troop.
* Area of effect spells without a specified number of targets (such as fireball or bless effect troops normally. All troops are considered weak against area of effect spells and take +50% damage from them, which ignores their damage cap.


* All unchained classes from Pathfinder Unchained will be used, in addition to fractional base bonuses for multiclass characters.
* Player characters receive background skills, though the Artistry and Lore skills are not used.


* Guns do not check against touch AC. All characters, not just gunslingers, add their Dexterity to damage inflicted with firearms.
* The Deadeye Deed can be used to make an attack against touch AC within a firearm’s first range increment (or first five increments for advanced firearms). Deadeye cannot be taken as a Signature Deed or benefit from True Grit.
* A Gunslinger’s Gun Training adds a +1 bonus to attack and damage with all firearms. This bonus increases as the gunslinger gains levels (to a maximum of +4 at 19th level). The reduction to misfire increases applies to all firearms the gunslinger wields.

House Rules

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