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Infinite space; stars as flaming spheres of super-heated plasma; movement through space as a balance of scientific forces, thrust providing acceleration and maneuverability; scientific fact backing up natural phenomena; life on other planets built along blocks of carbon or silicon elements.

Forget all that. It’s wrong.

You can get out of the atmosphere on the back of a roc; fly between the planets through a breathable ocean of air; sail between crystal spheres that surround the inhabited worlds on a river of magical energy; encounter roving mind flayers and beholders. The stars are living things in some areas, great bowls of fire in others, and pinpoints of light painted inside a sphere in others.

Welcome to the SPELLJAMMER universe. It is a magical universe.

-Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space

In Fires of Vesta, your character explores the deepest regions of space on a magical ship in search of the Astral Leyline. The setting this takes place in, Spelljammer, was originally designed for AD&D Second Edition. Because it’s not fun to be clueless of what words mean, some of which your character may eventually be familiar with, this guide will serve as a summary of important concepts from the setting.

The term “spelljammer” can refer to three different things. The first is the Spelljammer campaign setting. Spelljammer is a science fantasy setting that crosses over existing settings from D&D. The three primary settings at the time were Greyhawk, taking place on Oerth in Greyspace, Forgotten Realms, taking place on Toril in Realmspace, and Dragonlance, taking place on Krynn in Krynnspace.

The second use of the word refers to THE Spelljammer, a massive living ship shaped like a mantaray which carries a ship on its back. The Spelljammer is a legend, something whispered about in bars and the thing of stories. Few have ever claimed to see it, and and even then few claims are to be believed, if the Spelljammer truly exists at all. While there may be rumors of it, the Spelljammer will not appear in Fires of Vesta.

The third term is the one that will typically be used in character. A “spelljammer” refers to a spelljamming vessel, a ship equipped with a magical device known as a “spelljamming helm”. A spelljamming helm converts a spellcaster’s magical energy into motive force. When moving in a straight line and undisturbed by gravity, spelljamming vessels can move roughly 100 million miles in a single day.


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