Magic Use in Space

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The effects of certain spells and magical effects are limited in the phlogiston that lies between the Crystal Spheres.

Clerics in Space

Divine magic operates normally within the crystal shell that surrounds a cleric’s native world, but is severely hampered once that cleric enters the phlogiston. A cleric receives spells through his deity, and his deity’s effectiveness ends at the crystal shell. The phlogiston is impenetrable to extra-dimensional magics, and as such gods and outsiders have no power there.

A cleric who enters the flow may use any spells he brought with him as normal. However, clerics may not regain spells above the 3rd level while in the phlogiston due to being out of direct contact with his deity. A cleric who enters a foreign Crystal Shell is similarly restricted. The only exceptions this occur when a cleric’s deity is recognized in the foreign shell or a gate spell connects him to his deity’s home plane.

Any god or power is considered “recognized” within a sphere if he has worshipers and/or an organized church anywhere within that system. A few followers or a base of operations is not sufficient; the worship of that deity there must be established. Many clerics also receive their spells, knowing or otherwise, from different deity that have a similar purview to their own, according to ancient pacts made between the gods.

Clerics are not the only spellcasting class to suffer restriction within the phlogiston. Druids and oracles are similarly unable to recover spells higher than 3rd level, while rangers and paladins cannot recover spells higher than first level. Druids and rangers must be on or near a celestial body in order to recover their spells, while a paladin in a foreign Crystal Sphere recovers their magic with the same restrictions as a cleric. Oracles are less predictable though most systems are able to provide them with the connection to mysteries they draw their strength from.

Conjuration in Space

Spells that call upon beings from the surrounding area do not function in wildspace if none of those creatures are located within the spell’s range (usually vicinity to an appropriate celestial body is sufficient). No power, god, elemental, or outsider can be summoned in the phlogiston and all spells that attempt to do so fail. In addition, any spell that would place the caster in contact with an extraplanar power fail while in the flow.

Planar Travel

Travel between the planes of existence functions normally within the various Crystal Spheres. A spellcaster in wildspace may go ethereal, enter the astral plane, or open a gate into one of the outer planes.

In the phlogiston, however, the dimensions cannot be accessed. Therefore, all devices and spells do not function, including extradimensional space items like bags of holding. Such spells or objects still hold objects in the external dimension, but they cannot be accessed until back inside a crystal shell.

Travelers to other planes usually find that they exit back onto the same Crystal Sphere they entered from, even if they intentionally attempted to exit to another system. This prevents most outer planes from being used as “shortcuts” between various Crystal Spheres, though particularly chaotic planes such as the Abyss are rumored to contain passages to various systems. All other magic that relocates the user cannot cross the phlogiston, even if it specifies that it has no range limitation (such as greater teleport. Directly moving from one Crystal Sphere to another requires magic no less than that of a wish spell.

Fire in Space

Within the air envelope that surrounds a ship or celestial body, fire burns normally. Outside that envelope, however, is a vacuum that will not naturally support fire. Magical fire, such as that created by a fireball spell will burn as normal as it is powered by a magical reaction, though it cannot set objects on fire.

In the phlogiston, fire works all too well. Lighting even a small flame causes a detonation equivalent to a maximized fireball spell (30 fire damage, Reflex DC 13 half) which risks setting the ship on fire. Any attempt to use magical flames instead causes the spell to detonate on the wizard, doing maximized damage and with its usual area of effect and saving throws.

New Spells

School divination; Level sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a small conch shell)
Range special
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
Using a locate portal spell allows the caster to sense the nearest portal through a crystal sphere either into or out of the phlogiston. The spell indicates direction and distance (in miles or travel time). Most portals are within 2d10 days from any point on a Crystal Sphere. This spell may only be cast within 300 feet of the surface of a crystal shell.

School transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 5
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, M (wire wrapped around amber)
Range 300 ft.
Effect area of crystal shell 100 ft. in radius
Duration 2d6 rounds
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
This spell may only be cast within 300 feet of a crystal shell. The spell causes a large area of the shell to become temporarily insubstantial and ethereal, allowing a ship (or anything else) of the correct size to pass through. It lasts for up to 12 rounds, during which time other ships or beings may pass through.

The opening does not weaken the Crystal Sphere, and objects resting physically on the shell are unaffected by the portal. If the portal is dispelled or otherwise prematurely closed there is a 50% chance that ships passing through do not make it and remain on the side they started, a 40% chance that they do make it through with no difficulty, and a 10% chance that the ship is cut in half.

While the portal created with this spell is magical and can be dispelled, portals occurring in naturally in the crystal shell may not be.

Magic Use in Space

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