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The Rock of Bral was first detailed in the 1989 AD&D Adventures in Space Boxed Set book Concordance of Arcane Space. It was later elaborated on in the 1992 Spelljammer Campaign Setting book Rock of Bral. The player’s guide presented here is a heavily modified version that draws on original source material while adapting it to fit the Fires of Vesta campaign. While I have attempted to modernize some detail that were dated, I’ve done what I can to retain the original feel and themes associated with the Rock of Bral.

The Rock of Bral is the largest center of trade and commerce in the Known Spheres, and possibly in the Prime Material Plane. A gold piece passes through more hands on the Rock in a day than it will in ten years anywhere else. Merchants from a dozen spheres meet and exchange goods and wares. The markets of a hundred worlds are open for buyers. Information is prevalent throughout Bral; if you can’t find what you want you can at least find out where to get it.

The success of the Rock of Bral is owed to the great diversity of races and cultures. Certainly, you don’t find many places where illithids, dwarves, beholders, and elves all rub shoulders. The policy of Bral is “check your vendettas at the docks”. While underhanded business and deceptive marketing are commonplace, violence is not permitted. Courtesy is king in the city of Bral: no matter what wrongs a spacefarer he won’t pursue his hatreds on the Rock.

The Rock of Bral is a place where riches are made and lost as daily transactions. It is a magnet for magic drawn from the deepest and most mysterious regions of space. Life on the Rock is a matter of survival of the fittest. If a person, of any race or background, observes common sense and can turn a profit, they can make it on Bral. On the other hand, anyone—from prince or pauper, beholder or gnome, archmage or farmer—who cannot live under the Rock’s rules is not welcome in Bral.

“I hate Bral. It’s dirty, noisy, crowded, and dangerous. There aren’t more than 10 honest men in the whole city. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” —Mordreggan Zudrik


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