The Astral Leyline

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Thought to be dead, Del Agnito spent the past year piecing together what bits of his divinity remained. He searched those of Vesta that still had the strength to fight, and found that the greatest warriors and heroes had all fallen. However, hope was not entirely lost. Though inexperienced, a few isolated survivors remained. With the last of his strength Del Agnito pulled them from the sinking depths of Vesta, saving them from the fires of the Abyss, and placed them in a faraway place.

He told these would-be heroes that there was a chance to undo the damage. An ancient place known only as the “Astral Leyline”, a legend even in the ancient times of Vesta’s first settlers, existed somewhere amongst the stars, in a hidden part of space forgotten even by the gods. Yet if it still existed, the power within was so great that Vesta could be restored and its people saved. You are one of these potential saviors, one of the few survivors of your world and its only hope for a future.

Does the Astral Leyline still exist, and what power resides within that is greater than that of even the gods? The answers lie deep in space, in realms untraveled and unknown.

The Astral Leyline

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