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Vesta was an Earth-sized planet mostly covered in water, with land consisting of one large and two small continents, as well as northern and southern polar ice caps. In ancient times a large variety of races, animals, and monsters inhabited Vesta. It was commonly believed by historians that Vesta’s original inhabitants were themselves explorers from another world who arrived to claim the planet’s rich supply of natural resources. This is also believed to be the cause of the many wars that once consumed the world.

Vesta was consumed with conflict, and war-like gods from other worlds sent their followers to battle for control of land and territory. The fighting lasted more generations than can be known, until the arrival of the Divine Trinity. Some say the three gods came to answer the needs of innocents caught in the wars, while others say they were born from the prayers and desperation from those same people. While the Divine Trinity never offered answers to their origins, they did bring a solution to the violence.

The Divine Trinity gathered allies of good and repelled the invading forces and sealed off access to Vesta from the many who might exploit it. Those who remained that were evil of heart were redeemed when possible, and imprisoned or destroyed if necessary. Justice, kindness, and charity were championed and over centuries evil was driven out. When at last the Divine Trinity reigned uncontested, they then began to guide their followers to the reconstruction of nature, as well as improvement of society for the benefit of all.

Vesta's History

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